Is Magnetic Ball Harmful or Useful For Your Children?

At the point when you find out about magnets, you most likely think these are the things you use to adhere to pictures to your fridge or you had found out about it in your physics science class. In any case, the magnet has a wide assortment of employments from putting away information in PC to making compasses work. In recent years magnetic balls have gained lots of popularity as a toy and stress reliever. They have some controversy too but the usefulness of magnetic balls outweighed the controversy.

What Really It Is?

Magnetic balls are very small, yet solid, Rare Earth magnets sold as toys to ease weariness and stress.

People also called it “Buckyballs”. They are very much entertaining because of their versatility. They are together flexible and unbending; they can be extended into a string, stacked, or designed into three-dimensional shapes.

What’s The Controversy:

There are some cases of swallowing magnetic balls by some toddlers. Because of its shape some people want it to be banned.

But if you consider it dangerous then you must consider some of your household stuff like staples, paperclips, worn pennies(As the thin copper wears off and the zing is exposed, causing galvanic reaction to their stomachs), pencils(incredibly dangerous specially when sharpened, capable of maiming or killing).

Children still got injured from asphyxiation from plastic bags. Toothpicks and pins cause more trouble when swallowed and lodged in the throat.


It’s safe to give magnetic balls toy to your children(not toddlers). Now we’ll talk about why magnetic balls are useful for your kids.

  1. Stress Relief: It gives you a satisfying feeling which helps to release stress, makes you calm & decreases anger. It will be the best gift for youth, teenage kids. Besides, it will also be a great toy for adults to free stress.

  2. Hand Eye Co-Ordination and Fine Motor Skills:  With attractive ball toys your kids' puts bits of attractive toys on the different surfaces and they will find out about spatial mindfulness, hand-eye co-ordination and growing fine engine abilities in their grasp and fingers.

  3. Learning Shape and Color: With lots of colorful and different shapes magnetic balls your child easily learn about shapes and colors. And how to use them with different combination.

  4. Problem Solving Practice: When playing with magnetic balls kids try different kind of things and pattern to make. They try to make what they can imagine like house, cars, animals etc with it. It pushes their problem solving ability very much.

  5. Creativity: We all want to see creativity in our children. So that they can shine in their life and career. But creativity it’s not a by born thing it should develop through some process. Magnetic ball indulges you to try making new things with different colors and shapes. If you give your child quality products or toys which are highly effective to create creativity on them then you can see dramatic changes in their thoughts in no time. Thats why we recommend you to give your child magnetic balls to play so that they can enjoy while developing creativity in them!

Now let’s introduce you with some awesome magnetic balls you can buy for your children.

Magnetic Building Blocks

With these Magnetic Building blocks not only your children but also you can play with your friends and family. This product is very fun and recreational for family and friends. For relaxation and stress relief it's tested. It’s a great gift for every occation as well. No doubt if you give it to your children their imagination and intelligence will develop.

Magnetic Ball Desk Toy

Having a hard day? Tired of your problems and stressed so much? Unhappy? These Magnetic Desk Ball can change your mood and give you a refreshment stress relief. And yes this product is not just for your kids it can be used by any adults.

This Magnetic Ball will enhance your imagination and intelligence. Without the help of anything, it is easy to assemble. You can make lots of variety of shapes with it. A good gift with a very little price on special days of your friends and families.

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

With this special Tiles Building Blocks, your child can make different shapes like an airplane, snails, love shape, rocket, even a big ball. Click this link to see what your child can make with these tiles building blocks. These are very easy to make and you will also love to make it with your kids.

Brain Teaser Puzzle

We know puzzle sharpen children's thinking process and make them intelligent. If you want to develop your kid's intelligence then you must give them a puzzle game. The researcher shows that puzzle helps children to improve IQ. IQ stands for "Intelligent Quotient". It improves our children's general knowledge, cognitive skills, memory and problem-solving skills.

STEM Educational Toy For Kids

STEM toys are always educational. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You can try our latest STEM magnetic ball toys. check out the products below

Magnet Marble

With these magnetic marbles, kids can explore gravity, magnetism, kinetics. It will be beneficial for kids if they learn those scientific things from an early age.

Massage Ball

Now you must be thinking what should a child do with a massage ball? This product is not for your child but we think we should propose some good products for our parents as well.
The massage ball is an Acupressure Spiky Magnetic Ball which will

  1. Increase Blood Circulation
  2. Fatigue Recovery of Hand and Feet
  3. Stimulates Nerves and Reflexes

On a tiring and stressful day, it will give you relief from soreness and gives you energy!

Dartboard Game

Dart Board is a fantastic game you can give to your children. The most interesting thing about that is dartboard is not only for children adult also enjoys to play that game. You can play dartboard with your family as well

Some Others

Last but not least we are offering you some awesome magnetic balls product you can check out them.