Make Your First Ever Awesome Game in No Time!

Most people fail to make games because they fail to learn computer programming.Take this Scratch coding tutorial today and show your programming talent to the world...

Programming is fun but it's also a very complex thing to learn. Many people can't explore the world of programming because they don't know how to learn it. So their dream of making mobile apps, animation, and games couldn't be fulfilled. If they could learn coding they may earn millions of dollars. They may show their skills to friends and family and could make them proud. But alas, nothing happened because they don’t know the best resource to learn coding.

But we want you to be the master of programming. For this, we've brought you this very special easy to understand programming course.

What is Scratch Programming Language?

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website created to make coding easy for children. It's developed by MIT and has been translated into 70+ languages and used in most parts of the world. (this part is partially taken from google, search scratch programming and see the meta description of the snippet)

Why Scratch?

As we said before, programming is very hard to understand. But till "Scratch" coding has come. It has an easy to use interface and environment which makes it very easy to understand. You can learn programming with other languages like C, C++, or Java. But it will be hard for you to understand the concepts with these languages and chances are high that you won't continue learning with those languages.

What’s inside the course?

Scratch website introduction
User interface overview
Editor overview and how it works

Your First Program
Make your very first program
How to use sprite
Save your work
How to use green flag and stop button
Adding new sprite
Painting a new sprite

Sprites and animations
Fun with your name
Making the cat run
Teaching the cat to draw with the pen
Teaching the cat to draw with the pen part - 2
Bouncy cat
Cat playing with ball
Dragon flying
Understanding color effects

Intermediate features
More effects
Ask me my name
Create a maze - drawing it
Create a maze - scripts
Fun with backdrops
What is broadcasting
Turning the lights off
Creating a conversation
Keeping a score

What can you do after finishing the course? You’ll feel more confident and can make your own game using Scratch. You can also create educational programs, games, and presentations. You can use what you will learn from this course to other programming languages easily. If you are a parent then you can also jump-start your programming life with your child and make awesome apps using Scratch. So What are you waiting for, click the link below and grab this course before the discount offer expires!